I been working with Dynamic Roofing for the last 5 years
I am a local Realtor and dynamic roofing has done more than ten roofs for me all done on time. Never once had to come back to do any repairs I fully trust them.

Adolfo Rios

Prompt service. Good communication, I am the property owner and even though I was not there during the project I felt confident that things were moving along. Great price and great quality! I definitely recommend them.

Candy Cox

Dynamic did a wonderful job in replacing my 20 year old roof replacing rotted plywood and replacing all the gutters, thorough clean-up. I recommend them highly.

Gary Palacios

What a wonderful team of skilled roofers! it was a pleasure to watch them working so efficiently together. They did an excellent job, at a reasonable price, while paying attention to every detail. They are experts at what they do and make it look easy!

sally johnson

Best roofing company, I have encountered thus far

SC Petty

2600 sq ft roof surface with multiple pitches. At $11,500 the bid was $10,500 less than Lowes. Started work 10 days later (Lowes said a month). Day 1 , 8:00 am, knock on door ... checking in ...8:05 on the roof starting tear off..by noon tear off done and working on prep....by end of day half the underlayment on. Day 2, courtesy knock on door at 8:00 am and then on the roof and working....completely finished by end of day. But the little things are what caught my attention.. end of each day walked the perimeter twice first with magnet to pick up nails, then broom and rake to pick up trash and gravel. Hard working crew.... coordinated work flow...friendly. Left my dish up an extra day so we would have tv that night. A very detailed contract (Lowes sent a brief email note for their bid). Every day Alfonso stopped by to check in...also good with email communication - good response time. Strongly recommend and would hire with no hesitation.

Jim Iler